Farm TV a television network exclusively for farmers
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Welcome to the Farm TV website, sister company of Aura Productions

This week Farm TV are Promoting Slurry Gas Awareness

Farm TV is a television network exclusively for farmers. Informative programmes of farming interest can be viewed in Livestock Marts around Ireland. Whether you are a farmer looking for information or a business that needs to reach farmers, keep an eye on Farm TV.

Farm TV is also known for its presence at the Ploughing Championships each year in September(see side-panel for more details) and the Tullamore Show in August. The Farm TV Giant Screen is a dominant feature of the Ploughing trade stands area. Seen for miles, it acts as a focal point of the event.
Farm TV, Co Offaly, Ireland. Phone : 057 9322906 Fax: 057 9322908 E-mail:
This website has been partially funded by Offaly CEB

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